• 通常生産に回復 フル稼働を維持


  • 朗報!江豊電子の日本支社が東京でオープン!

    10月25日、江豊電子の子会社KFMI JAPAN株式会社(以下:日本江豊と称す)の開業の祝賀式典は東京で盛大に行われました。江豊電子有限公司の代表取締役姚力軍、KFMI JAPAN株式会社社長安田一彦及びハイドロアルミニウムジャパン株式会社、大阪チタニウムテクノロジーズ、住友化学等のお客様と戦略的なパートナー70人がこの式典に出席しました。冒頭、安田社長か。。

  • 「一帯一路」戦略の好機を掴み、「中国製造」の新たな時代に光芒を放つ ―江豊電子の海外戦略~マレーシア工場設立


    • 通常生産に回復 フル稼働を維持[03-13-20]


    • 朗報!江豊電子の日本支社が東京でオープン![02-13-19]

      10月25日、江豊電子の子会社KFMI JAPAN株式会社(以下:日本江豊と称す)の開業の祝賀式典は東京で盛大に行われました。江豊電子有限公司の代表取締役姚力軍、KFMI JAPAN株式会社社長安田一彦及びハイドロアルミニウムジャパン株式会社、大阪チタニウムテクノロジーズ、住友化学等のお客様と戦略的なパートナー70人がこの式典に出席しました。冒頭、安田社長か..

    • 「一帯一路」戦略の好機を掴み、「中国製造」の新たな..[02-13-19]



    【Metalloscope (Olympus PME3)】

    Application and features: Olympus PME3 Metalloscope can conduct professional analysis on metals and alloys, such as Al, Ti, Ta, Cu, W, Mo, Co and Ni etc. Its magnification of objec..

    【INOUE Heat Treatment Furnace】

    Application and features: INOUE Heat Treatment Furnace is one of the best and the most advanced heat treatment equipment for heat preservation in China. It is equipped by with cate..

    【CNC Machining Center】

    Application and features: Accompanied with a cutting tool base, CNC Machining Center can change the cutting tool automatically during production, accompanied with a cutting tool ba..

    【Electron Beam Welding Equipment (EBW-8CH)】

    Application and features: Electron Beam Welding Equipment (EBW-8CH) is one of littlea high-tech special equipment developed by KFMI and another equipment manufacturer in China, whi。。

    【Rolling Machine (1200T)】

    Application and features: Rolling Machine (1200T) is applied in the plastic work by tighten the thickness of parts with different roll distances for differentused for reducing the 。。

    【Vacuum Hot Press Sintering Equipment (Model ZGRS-600-500)】

    Application and features: Vacuum Hot Press Sintering Equipment (Model ZGRS-600-500) is applied used in sintering of various ceramic material and alloys material by of different siz。。

    【Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) Equipment (Model RDJ700/1500-130.1000)】

    Application and features: HIP Equipment (Model RDJ700/1500-130.1000) is applied used in diffusion bonding, power sintering, alloy densification, defect removing of casting material..

    【GDMS (VG9000: Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer)】

    Application and feature: GDMS, as a direct analysis technology on solid sample, is widely used in trace and ultratraceultra trace impurity analysis of metal and semi conductor mate..

    【X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD)】

    Professional-designed XRD can be used to directly detect internal texture of solid metal material, which with diameter is less than 500 mm.

    【X-Ray Fluorimetry (XRF)】

    Application and feature: XRF can be used in Na-U metal element detection, mainly for rapid qualitative analysis of metal alloys, such as Al, Fe and Cu, with features of rapid analy..

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